Cast you're favorite's youtube, soundcloud, deezer... music and video on your raspberry pi

Download Raspberry PI image :

[LAST 2.61]



PORC Piomx on playstore
PORC Piomx on GitHub

Supported media
 thanks to youtube-dl :

First use

* Fill in the IP raspberry and server port.

* To control the connection is ok go to the remote if the PORC icon is pink it works if it's grey it doesn't work :/ (you can press the icon to update the status)

* Try the long press on the different list (files and queues) to display other actions.

* Try long press on the shutdown button for reboot.

* The "cancel" option in shutdown popup mean "cancel a previously programmed shutdown"

Other tips

* Saved playlist are stored here : /home/pi/PLAYLIST

* Toggle the phone to refresh/update view (rarely required but can help)

* It can read ".sh" and ".tv" file if it contains "omxplayer".
For example :
xterm -bg black -fg black -fullscreen -e omxplayer -o hdmi "rtsp://"

[...] (Some other stuff)

(only) the entire line that contains "omxplayer" will be execute.
You can use it to store your favourite TV chanel.

Contact us :
 You can use the playstore "contact developers" but prefer raspberry forum : Direct link to the topic